We are focused on investing equity capital in small- and mid sized quality businesses with strong market positions in growing markets. We have raised €270 million of committed capital of which ca 30% have been invested in our ten companies.

We look for companies that have proven capabilities evidenced through good financial performance and good positions in their respective markets. The continued value creation will not be achieved by significantly changing the business’ trajectory in a way that is influenced from our team, but we do work with the management team on developing the strategic agenda.


How we work



Röko is a team with various investment backgrounds that are working together with investors, management teams and between ourselves towards common goals. We aim to build a group of independent and strong businesses that are managed in a decentralised fashion with selective assistance from the central team. In aggregate we have executed more than 100 transactions and have a combined investment experience of more than 80 years.


Speed of execution

We work close to the management teams of the respective companies in which we invest and pride ourselves in being an agile owner that enables speed of execution through efficient governance. We encourage and favour management teams that have a proactive mentality and take immediate action.



Our model is predicated on working with independent companies and people that act with their company’s best in mind and therefore we focus on ensuring the portfolio company leadership provides opportunities for ambitious and driven individuals who shall thrive in Röko’s portfolio companies.


Alignment of interest

We encourage investment by management teams and key individuals in their respective companies and provide abilities for individuals to invest alongside us. We pride ourselves with transparency and alignment of interests with investors and portfolio companies and believe this approach makes people work toward a common goal and focus on the company’s and their individual development.