Röko is a Sweden based investment firm with €270 million in committed capital. Our ambition is to be a true long term owner of European small- and medium sized business. We have local presence in Sweden, Norway and Germany, and our team has more than 80+ years of combined experience from working with founder- and entrepreneur-led companies across a broad range of industries.


Investment Philosophy

RÖKO invests equity capital from its own balance sheet into stable and profitable companies with strong market positions in their respective niche markets. Our investment philosophy is predicated on true long-term ownership, independent governance and proven ability to achieve results.

We aim to invest in profitable companies with an EV of 15-100 MEUR that meet our criterias:
– EBITA between 2-10 MEUR,
– EBITA margin of 10% or higher, and
– Strong management and leading market position.

We are results oriented and determined to create value by improving the performance in our businesses over the long-term, which we believe is achieved by sustainable and profitable growth – delivered through alignment of agendas and collaboration between employees, management, board and owners. Our relentless drive is best matched with other stakeholders through equity partnerships and long-term incentive programs which we aim to have in most of our subsidiaries.



We strongly believe in a decentralised-, non-bureaucratic- and independent governance model, where the individuals that can control the fate of the business should be trusted and empowered with the responsibility of decision making. Röko will not introduce ourselves as operational leaders in our portfolio companies, but rather use our team’s combined experience to be a sounding board when required.

For both the current- and future managers of our portfolio firms, our decentralised governance model represents independence, responsibility, swift decision-making and minimal reporting focusing only on important performance indicators.





Code of conduct

High ethical standards are important to us. As a first step we have developed a simple Code of Conduct. Download and read it using the buttons below.


company presentation

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